Battle lineup

Hub Location Startup 1 Startup 2
Ventures Platform Abuja Thrive Agric GeroCare
Wennovation Ibadan ProNOV Afrimash
Colab Kaduna SchoolMo Payant
Passion Incubator Lagos Riby ( Beat Drone
ROAR Nigeria Enugu Peepscreen Thrillapp

Battle lineup

Hub Startup 1 Startup 2
Ventures Platform Thrive Agric GeroCare
Wennovation ProNOV Afrimash
Colab SchoolMo Payant
Passion Incubator Riby ( Beat Drone
ROAR Nigeria Peepscreen Thrillapp



Wennovation Hub is a pioneer innovation accelerator in Nigeria, with offices in Lagos and Ibadan. They focus on social impact sectors including Education, Agriculture, Healthcare and Infrastructure and emphasizes the importance of job creation in all our programs.

With a mission to inspire and empower African Entrepreneurs to solve their immediate socio-economic challenges by leveraging technology, resources and network collaboratively, Wennovation also hopes to achieve sustainable development in Africa by fostering innovation among the youth population.

ProNOV is a mobile based business intelligent solution that digitizes every component of retailing; specifically designed for the bottom of the pyramid retailers.

ProNOV alerts retailers when their stock is low or close to expiration. It permits digital payment collection, end-to-end supply chain, and present market data with visual appealing analytics. ProNOV coordinates bulk purchase so retailers can make more profit by leveraging economies of scale.

Afrimash – Online Shopping for Agricultural items

Afrimash is an online marketplace for agricultural items. It provides an online platform where farmers can find and buy quality agricultural items to enable their farms run smoothly. Afrimash achieves this by partnering with manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers of quality agricultural items, while providing safe online and offline payment systems; to deliver ordered items to farmers conveniently wherever they are in Nigeria.

Ventures Platform


Ventures Platform is a Pan- African early stage fund and accelerator that actively finds, funds and supports innovative companies solving real problems in Africa. The team mirrors the kind of founders they work with; hungry goal-getters with a deep-rooted desire to win.

While increasing political stability opens new vistas across Africa, VP view existing inefficiencies in the continent as opportunities that can be leveraged by entrepreneurs using technology to create scalable products.

Accepted startups enjoy hands-on mentorship, support from VP team on specific areas like; growth, product and business development and access to the Ventures Platform Network for life.

Thrive Agric – Crowdsourcing resources to enable farmers access better inputs and scale their outputs

Thrive Agric enables individuals (subscribers) across Nigeria contribute to food production process by committing their funds to Thrive Agric, who in turn deploy this funds to farmers across various communities to help them scale and modernize their farming operations. They provide farmers tools, best practices, equip them with extension services and farm advisory, this leads to higher yields and has increased farmer earnings 3X.

Upon harvest; Thrive-Agric sells produce to existing off takers. Farmers, Thrive-Agric and subscribers all share in the upside. Currently subscribers enjoy a 23-30% return on their investments over a 5-month period, all farms are fully insured. They make about 40 % on each operated farm and their farms are typical oversubscribed in 48 hours.  The company currently farms on over 700 hectares of land and has raised over $500,000 in subscription from users.

GeroCare – a subscription-based health care service for the elderly.

Gerocare provides affordable regular preventive home health care for the elderly.

Access to health care for the elderly is fundamentally broken; Gerocare solves this by offering a subscription service that entitles the elderly to regular home health checks by Doctors on the Gerocare Network. The elderly and their loved ones get regular health reports and recommendations. The company boasts of 750 doctors on its network and serves over a thousand families.

Roar Nigeria


Roar Nigeria is a University-based tech startup incubator established by the management of the University of Nigeria to bolster innovation amongst students and non-students in the university.

The Hub is a hotbed of ideas, invention and market induced solutions created with the concept of a triple helix (An interaction between Academia, Industry and Government) and hosted in a serene environment with researchers, students, industry and government.

The aim is to bring students together into teams to proffer innovative tech solutions to problems in the society by making it possible and easier for researchers to collaborate with students to bring their products and innovations to market, instead of just being stashed away in a drawer.

There has always been a big disconnect between brands, SMEs and customers in the way products are advertised and engaged with.

How Peepscreen is solving this is to provide a personal and more intimate way by placing advertisements, promotions, offers and deals of various brands on the lockscreens of an opted-in audience, that get rewarded in return with data, credit, coupons etc. for using their phones as personal billboards.

TrillzApp is an event app that’s location based; you get to find events happening around you!  It also gives you directions to where those events are happening. You can also pay and get e-tickets from TrillzApp on the go. With TrillzApp you can never get lost nor stranded as TrillzApp can help find ATMs, banks and all kinds of places within your immediate location.



CoLab is Kaduna’s first innovation hub and co-working space. It is a collaborative community for startups, innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs. Beyond creating an environment that allows natural curiosity foster learning, inspire creativity and innovation; CoLab trains and inspires local entrepreneurs and startups to solve the most pressing problems around them using technology, for profit.

CoLab believes that technology is the single biggest vehicle for taking people out of poverty; while recognizing that solving these problems can be profitable.

CoLab currently runs an incubation program, a talent acceleration program, a programmers course, a 3D printing home and two outreaches—one dedicated to getting more women into technology and another for children.

School Mo is an end-to-end school management system that takes the burden of school management from enrolment to results and teacher performance.

School owners and staff waste precious time manually inputting and keeping school records, without having a means of tracking performance or efficiency.

School Mo helps solve this problem by providing a platform that’s built to solve the problem of school management from the input of over 6,000 teachers and school owners.

Beyond School management, SchoolMo analyses the data it gets and can use that data to measure teacher and student academic and non-academic performance, recommend schools to parents based on their strengths, get school owners to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Payant is an easy way for anyone (banked and unbanked) to pay and get paid instantly. Anyone can craft beautiful invoices, automatically send payment reminders, pay bills and get paid faster.

Dot by Payant extends Payant from payments to providing no-compromise banking services off a mobile device, for both banked and unbanked customers.

Passion Incubator


Passion Incubator is a technology Incubator/Accelerator that supports and invests in startups in Nigeria. We basically work with founders from the earliest stages of their business (concept stage) to build their startups; often times guiding them through developing an attractive value proposition and strong go to market strategy. We also help founder teams pivot to more efficient operating models or to other business opportunities entirely. Finally, we support startup founders during fundraising.

Passion Incubator collaborates with corporate organisations, government agencies, international organisations, embassies and universities to design, manage and implement startup programs.

Riby is a Digital Banking Platform for Cooperatives & Trade Groups. We automate the entire banking and trade processes to make cooperatives & trade-based associations more successful (available across various channels like Web, Mobile, USSD, IVR, NFC etc.); Riby connects them with Banks, Telco and Payment Services Company and also supports them in accessing credit, trade and business support. We have so far supported 1,084,000 members of cooperatives from about 30% of the 28,000+ cooperatives registered on our platform. They have so far signed partnerships for over 8m users to use their platform. Their confirmed partners are Union Bank, Providus Bank, Bank of Industry, NIBSS, InterSwitch, Remita and many other Bank, Telco, Payment, Tech, DFIs and OEM partners are still in the process of coming on-board.

Beat Drone – A Multi-Sector social Impact project aimed at reducing hunger and improving efficiency of operations. Beat Drone focuses on Agriculture where it implements drone services in most farming process, we map the farm for proper planning, sprays chemicals on the crops and engage in health and soil humidity inspection to enable farmers be abreast of their crops health status in other to fully increase harvest yield. Beat Drone also implements Drone Technology in the Oil & Gas sector to reduce environmental degradation, oil spillage and engage in flare stack inspection which eliminates expensive shutdowns. Beat Drone combines physical operations for data gathering and software analysis to provide a better and more precise results for our clients.